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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sibu Ride - 22-24/08/08

Fun Ride to Sibu
Leaving Kuala Belait around 4 and depart Xplanade, Miri at 5 pm for Sibu. Ride from Bekenu to the T Junction to Samilajau was like riding a motocross bike due to road surface.
Before arriving Bintulu, a few bike already had their fuel reserve warning light up this is because, our last fuel stop was ag Sg Teraban Luckily every bike manage to get to Bintulu for refueling.

Depart bintulu for Sibu, the road was dark and lot of un even surface that cause "Tank Slap" to a few rider - there is even are two lump in the middle of the road like camel back -- hehehe. Lots of truck stop beside the road - changing their tyre and repairing their truck in the dark.

The ride continue and when we arrive in Selangau for refueling, fueling station already close - opsss. Set Gear to 6th gear most of the ride to save fuel until reaching Sibu. After refueling we continue the ride, stop-by at Sibu's Biker shop, have some carbondioxide - smok'in then arrive at the hotel arround 10:15.

Cian eh, nda puas main masa kanak2

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