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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lorenzo practices for bike license test

After passing the theory exam last month for his motorcycle driver's license, the rider from Mallorca is now busy with riding lessons ahead of the applied test.

Jorge Lorenzo surprised the social networks by announcing he had just passed the theory exam for his motorcycle driver's license several weeks ago, and the 2010 MotoGP™ World Champion is now preparing for the applied portion of the test that will allow him to legally ride the streets on two wheels.
Upon his return from the first Official Test of the year in Malaysia, Lorenzo has taken up the unfinished business of passing his bike test and is practicing this week on the roads of Mount Montjuic in Barcelona, a popular area for local driving schools.
The man who holds numerous records on the racetrack and who premiered in the World Championship at 15 acknowledged with a smile that he hasn’t been in a rush to complete this task.
"I got my car license at 18 and so far I haven’t felt the need to get my bike license, because it isn’t necessary to be able to compete. But now I need it so I can ride a bike on the road and through the city-and I've begun to take steps," explained the Yamaha Factory rider.
Aboard another Yamaha, in this case a YBR 250cc, Lorenzo is experiencing another world where different rules apply and where there are no lap times.
"My teacher Javi is the only person in the world who has told me to go slower on a bike, and I have to pay attention if I want to pass the exam. If you go fast, you don’t pass," explained Lorenzo. "I have to slow myself down. I've never tried to go slow on a bike, I’ve always just gone as quickly as possible, but once you change your thinking and clearly separate that it’s one thing to go fast on the track and another to ride well on the road, it’s easy."
In the attached video you can see the Spanish rider practicing a very different form of riding than his usual style and listen to his views on the experience.

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